A Total, Mobile Monitoring Solution

This Universal app is a full mobile surveillance command centre for the Foscam cameras. Allows you to control a Foscam pan & tilt WIFI & Ethernet camera from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Check up on your house, office, or babysitter from anywhere in the world!. You can set up multiple cameras, and view up to 4 at one time on iPad.

how it works

The app is so simple to use, just go into the settings to configure it for your IP camera. To pan and tilt the camera press and hold the arrows until the camera responds; release when you want the camera to stop moving.

Depending on your connection speed you have to press and hold the arrows until the camera tilts. If your connection is fast the camera will be responsive, otherwise give it few seconds to kick in when you press it.

Full-screen mode is also available on the iPhone / iPod touch by rotating the device to landscape orientation.